X2 Critical Member Jet8 Complete Cross Border Shipment from Thailand to Myanmar

The professionals at Jet8 recently completed an export shipment by Air & Sea, cross border from Thailand to Myanmar. The cargo travelled a total of 1300 Kms. The cargo being transported consisted of Dangerous Goods & General cargo including PVC Cables, concrete mixing liquid & Pangel ( Pangel is a highly efficient powder rheological additive manufactured from high purity sepiolite, for the use in aqueous systems. It is a powder additive that modifies the aqueous systems to which it is added.)

The cargo was first picked up by the shipper. It was then loaded and transported to the port. After which the cargo was packed & sent to customs clearance. After which it was unloaded & sent to the destination port 

One of the challenges faced during this move was that there was a variety of different cargo to handle & being sent to a completely new market in Asia. 

The cargo had dimensions of 110 x 115 x 130 cms & the Pangel weighed a massive 2600 kgs. This special move was completed with easy by the experts at Jet8 who shipped the cargo to Yangon, Myanmar & Moei Wadi, Myanmar. 

About the Company:

JET8 Thailand Co., Ltd is capable of delivering chilled and frozen shipment of food, medicine, blood, plasma, serum, DNA, vaccine, chemicals, Laboratory samples, test samples of clinical trial, and other bio-products both oversea and within Thailand.

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