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X2 Critical member EAS recently helped a French customer organize a shipment of automotive parts from France to Iran.

Auto Parts

The last minute charter was called for 25 tons of premium freight. To ensure the job was done properly, EAS was hands on for the entire process, including accompanying the packer to the customer located 200 kilometers out of Paris.


After properly packing the cargo was brought to the awaiting charter flight and flown out as quickly as possible to Iran where the automotive parts were successfully received.

X2 Critical Member Jet8 Complete Cross Border Shipment from Thailand to Myanmar

The professionals at Jet8 recently completed an export shipment by Air & Sea, cross border from Thailand to Myanmar. The cargo travelled a total of 1300 Kms. The cargo being transported consisted of Dangerous Goods & General cargo including PVC Cables, concrete mixing liquid & Pangel ( Pangel is a highly efficient powder rheological additive manufactured from high purity sepiolite, for the use in aqueous systems. It is a powder additive that modifies the aqueous systems to which it is added.)

The cargo was first picked up by the shipper. It was then loaded and transported to the port. After which the cargo was packed & sent to customs clearance. After which it was unloaded & sent to the destination port 

One of the challenges faced during this move was that there was a variety of different cargo to handle & being sent to a completely new market in Asia. 

The cargo had dimensions of 110 x 115 x 130 cms & the Pangel weighed a massive 2600 kgs. This special move was completed with easy by the experts at Jet8 who shipped the cargo to Yangon, Myanmar & Moei Wadi, Myanmar. 

About the Company:

JET8 Thailand Co., Ltd is capable of delivering chilled and frozen shipment of food, medicine, blood, plasma, serum, DNA, vaccine, chemicals, Laboratory samples, test samples of clinical trial, and other bio-products both oversea and within Thailand.

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X2 Critical Member QualitAir&Sea Chartered a B777-200F to move 40 Tons of frozen Peaches from China to Mexico.

X2 member QualitAir&Sea recently chartered a B777-200F cargo aircraft to move 40 tons of frozen peaches from China to Mexico over a rough distance of 7,982 miles. The “Triple Seven” Aircraft is the world’s largest twinjet and has a range of 5,240 to 8,555 nautical miles.

The reason for the move was that the peaches are used as ingredients to make some delicious Ice tea in Mexico. A very interesting part of this move was that the peaches were transported using Envirotainers which were filled with dry Ice until they reached the final destination. Envirotainers are temperature controlled containers that are used to transport pharmaceuticals and other perishables.  The only time the dry ice was re-arranged was during a technical stop at Dubai.  This was one of the longest charter routes operated with such perishable cargo.

About the Company: 

QualitAir&Sea have been proud members of X2 Logistics Networks since June 2015. They are members of 2 specialty networks namely X2 Elite & X2 Critical. The logistics experts at QualitAir&Sea provide a wide range of Logistical solutions from Aeronautical-AOG to Pharma-Log.

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X2 Critical Member JHJ International Complete the Jurong Aromatics Complex Project 

The Time Critical experts at JHJ International Logistics recently completed a Break Bulk operation for the Jurong Aromatics Complex Project (JAC) . They moved 42 racks of pipes with the following massive dimensions: 

28000 x 240 x 700 mm (L x B x H) 

The pipes were moved from Laem Chabang, Thailand to Singapore, which is close to 2000 kms. The cargo weighed an astonishing 380,607 kgs & measured 1975 cbm. 

The cargo was loaded at Laem Chabang Port at night using a spreader bar, due to the massive cargo length. Once the cargo was received at Singapore, a spreader bar was used again to unload the cargo. 2 units of 10 axle trailers were used for delivery form the Singapore Sea Port to Jurong Island. The cargo was then transferred from a 10 axel trailer to a 16 axel cometto trailer. After which, 2 units of 16 axle Cometto Trailers were used to move all cargo to the construction site. 

Even with such massive cargo, the JHJ Team faced little challenge to complete the Break Bulk move. A small challenge that they did face was that the project manager for the JAC team was Korean, hence there was a language barrier. But the JHJ Team hired a translator to over come this issue & managed the smooth delivery of the cargo. 

About the Company: 

Established since January 2004, JHJ International Logistics is a joint venture company under JHJ International Transportation Co Ltd, a distinguished Class A license freight forwarding agent in China. Over years of growth and development, we have since built a global network that spans 150 countries and regions, with offices in almost every province of China.


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X2 Critical Member Eas International Morocco organized a new huge critical shipment

The experts at EAS International were recently tasked with organizing a massive critical shipment from Singapore to Morocco for a local customer. The cargo travelled a total of 11,880 Kms. 

6 crates which weighed a total of 30 Tonnes were carried Door to Door from the Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) to the Mohammed V International Airport in Morocco (CMN). 

These experts completed the Door to Door Shipment in 5 days. 

About the Company: 

“Present in many countries, with our integrated network and networks of partners for a worldwide presence, we support our customers for more than 25 years, offering them innovative logistic solutions. We are involved in industrial fields such as Automotive, Electronics, Aeronautics, Medical, for just-in-time international transportation.”

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X2 Critical Member ITS Logistics Hungary Complete Air Freight 

The Time Critical experts at ITS Logistics Hungary recently completed an air freight delivery of a total of 567 Pallets. The total weight of the shipment was a massive 130341 kgs (144 Tons). 

They had to deliver the cargo from Budapest, Hungary. Their client was a Brand that is known Worldwide for its laundry & home care products. 

They delivered the cargo well ahead of schedule. Living up to their motto

ITS Freight Forwarding, IT’S our vocation, IT’S our passion”

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Quote from ITS Logistics Hungary:

We are proud to handle all types of cargo from small shipments and personal effects all the way up to large project shipments with heavy lifts of some tons. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service to our customers, and to be proud of the work we do. Our foremost responsibility is to ensure that freight movements entrusted to our care arrive in the right place, at the right time, and at an acceptable cost. We only use suppliers who meet our quality standards, we constantly monitoring their performance and ensuring they supply the standard service our clients expect. We are investing continuously in the resources and training required to enable us to provide a global logistic service for all of our customers.

X2 Critical Member JHJ International move massive Airplane Engine

The airplane engine which was a Pratt & Whitney PW4000 weighed a massive 36.12 CMB. The Pratt & Whitney PW4000 is a family of high-bypass turbofan aircraft engines with certified thrust ranging from 52,000 to 99,040 lbf (230 to 441 kN). Built as the successor to the JT9D series engines, it has found much wider application than its predecessor.

The engine was transported from PVG – Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Singapore. The dimensions of the cargo were  507 x 250 x 285 cm. 

The experts at JHJ International Logistics handed over the cargo to a happy client on time.

IMG-20170512-WA0003IMG-20170512-WA0002 IMG-20170512-WA0002 IMG-20170512-WA0004 IMG-20170612-WA0002 IMG-20170612-WA0006


X2 Critical Member EAS International recently operated an Antonov 12 from France to Morocco. The Antonov 12 is a four-engined turboprop transport aircraft designed in the Soviet Union. It is the military version of the Antonov An-10 and has many variants.


The cargo being shipped was 15 tons of Automotive components.


These experts completed the Door to Door operation in 12 hours.


As a leading freight forwarder, EAS International has a proven expertise in logistics and transport services, always providing and designing the best suitable solution according to your specific needs and requirements. For more than 25 years, they have specialized in time critical deliveries services all over the world.

Visit these experts ➨ http://www eas-intl.com

There are a number of reasons why X2 is different from every other Logistics Network in the World. And also a reason why it is also titled “The Most Professional Logistics Network in the World”. One of the main reasons is that there is constant networking, & not just once every year during the Conference. At X2 the Networking is yearlong.

X2 C.E.O Richard Overton pays utmost importance to visiting and meeting X2 Members whenever & wherever possible. He strongly believes that maintaining relationships, listening to feedback & discussing opportunities is the key to a strong and cohesive group of professionals looking to grow and develop global trade lanes.

Richard visiting X2 Founding members Richwell Global Forwarding: Evelyn Khoo & Stephen Yeo

Richard visiting X2 Founding members Richwell Global Forwarding: Evelyn Khoo & Stephen Yeo

Richard with X2 Founding Member Prem Singh from Arian Worldwide Logistics

Richard with X2 Founding Member Prem Singh from Arian Worldwide Logistics

Richard visiting the office of X2 Critical Member JHJ Singapore

Richard visiting the office of X2 Critical Member JHJ Singapore

Richard at the AEO Logistics warehouse

Richard at the AEO Logistics warehouse